DEA is a world leading specialist technology-led provider of complex aerial data acquisition services. A pioneer in airborne data gathering, DEA uses ground-breaking techniques and the most advanced and innovative technologies in the industry to help you answer complex questions and make informed decisions in real time.

Launched in 2006 as an executive air charter business, in 2015 DEA rebranded to the business it is now when a new management team joined. As trusted experts who provide the best service to our customers, DEA have a clear and ambitious strategy in place to deliver solutions driven by the most advanced technology and diversify our service offering further and we are proud of the progress we are making against our plans.

With over 150 highly experienced specialists who work in harmony as an extension of your team. DEA experts utilise the most advanced technology available to provide clients with an optimised service in tandem with the expertise of our aviation team.

As a trusted intelligence and source data provider, DEA delivers efficient, bespoke technology-led solutions that assist your unique challenges. Always working ethically and with integrity, DEA strives to make a positive impact in everything we do in partnership with our customers.

DEA's modern fleet of efficient, environmentally advanced and versatile aircraft equipped with advanced technology provides real-time airborne intelligence you can trust. DEA has developed solutions that deliver the most effective flight platform for the task, tailoring a complex solution to our customers’ specific requirements.

    DEA services include:
  • Intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR)
  • Aerial survey
  • Specialist commercial air transport
  • Flight calibration and flight path validation.

DEA supports government agencies, businesses and other organisations to make informed decisions with confidence, managing their security, enforcement, migration, transport, aviation navigation and commercial development activities with cutting edge technology and flexible solutions. DEA's agile specialised operations are backed by extensive and reliable training, aircraft management, maintenance and engineering capabilities with robust safety systems, all underpinned by an independently audited compliance and safety management team.

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Working as an extension of your team


Aviation specialists and trusted partner with unique experience


Cutting edge technology


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Strive to make a positive impact

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Our people

Our knowledge and expertise span every aspect of technology and aviation, collectively drawing upon decades of experience in both civilian and military operations. The team blends hands-on experience and strategic leadership and governance to provide actionable insight and security for our clients.

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We are committed to delivering sustainable growth. We take our impact on our environment and our communities very seriously and remain focussed on improving this over time, reviewing and applying strong Environmental, Social and Governance principles across the breadth of our business.

The DEA fleet all operates on Jet A1 fuel which has a low carbon footprint compared to other fleets. In addition, when working with customers and potential customers a low carbon flight plan option is offered where possible to increase opportunities to reduce carbon emissions. The aviation industry will continue to evolve and DEA will continue to adopt an environmentally conscious operating model and invest in fuel-efficient aircraft to maintain our commitment to sustainability in all that we do.

DEA prides itself on always operating at the highest standards of safety, working ethically and with integrity, striving to make positive impact in everything we do. We want our customers to trust that we will honour their commitments, safe in the knowledge that they have a trusted partner they can rely on.

We are a diverse employer and have signed the Armed Forces Covenant. By signing the Armed Forces Covenant (AFC) an organisation demonstrates its intention to support the Armed Forces community and provides the signatory with the opportunity to be recognised by the Employer Recognition Scheme (ERS) award. An ERS award shows that the recipient is delivering tangible support for the Armed Forces community. DEA currently holds a Silver ERS award, this is reviewed every five years, at the upcoming renewal DEA will strive to achieve a Gold ERS award.

Carbon Reduction Policy

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