Air Provision

Responsive, cost-effective and efficient

DEA delivers extremely efficient airborne solutions which address modern day issues such as migration, border security, environmental management and exploration. 

We invest heavily in our aircraft and flight control systems, developing modified platforms able to meet a complex range of requirements. Key to our success is our in-house engineering and technology expertise, coupled with a deep understanding of aviation systems, procedures and challenges.

Unlike other providers, DEA offers impressive capabilities as needed whilst utilising smaller platforms. This approach is far more cost-effective for our clients: we are supremely efficient but resist the temptation of expensive over-specification. Our focus is on getting the right outcomes in a timely and efficient manner and delivering excellent customer service.

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Specialised airborne capabilities

  • Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance
  • Flight inspection and flight validation
  • Remote sensing
  • Environmental surveys and assessment
  • Oil and gas exploration
  • Maritime and land patrol
  • Transportation of dangerous goods

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