Aircraft Management and Maintenance

Effective and high quality aviation services are underpinned by strong management and maintenance support. The front end, delivering our aviation solutions, is only part of the story. The challenge is to maintain the tempo of operational delivery at range – this is an engineering and logistics exercise.

Based at our global headquarters in Retford (Gamston) Airport, the UK, DEA Aviation’s aircraft management, maintenance, technical integration and parts services are designed to keep our fleet, and our customers’ aircraft, airborne and safe.

Operators and private owners benefit from a level of capabilities, skills, experience and accreditations they would find challenging to develop themselves. We also have a global network of partners who provide ground support for our customers’ flight operations when work cannot be completed at our Retford base.  

EASA CAMO UK.MG.0386 (Part M) Aircraft Management

Compliance with European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) Part M continuing airworthiness requirements, alongside regulators such as the CAA, FAA, 2-REG and IOM, keeps our fleet, and our customers’ aircraft, safe, operational and airborne.

In addition to supporting DEA’s aircraft, we provide Part M technical records administration and compliance monitoring services for other operators and individual aircraft, both private and for hire and reward. We manage your aircraft records and alert you to ongoing and new compliance requirements from the relevant regulators.  

EASA Part 145 UK.145.01336 aircraft maintenance 

We support the maintenance requirements of multiple regulators, including EASA, CAA, FAA, 2-REG and IOM. Our solutions are delivered by our team of engineers, mechanics and technicians who hold multiple licences and are trained directly – and usually at the factory – by the aircraft manufacturers themselves.

Our team also supports other operators and private owners, either as part of our Part M services or as instructed by customers who manage their own Part M requirements. We schedule maintenance to optimise the availability of our customers’ fleets. This means, for example, privately owned aircraft are typically serviced during the winter months, so the owners enjoy maximum use during summer. 

Technical integration 

As well as operational needs, modifications, upgrades and repairs are typically driven by Part 145 requirements. Our experienced engineering teams work closely with our Part M continuing airworthiness team to identify modifications, repairs and inspections.

Their broad and deep expertise enables us to complete projects such as avionics upgrades, transponder installations and engine upgrades. We are one of only three UK service providers certified to complete engine modifications on Diamond Aviation, Piper, Continental Diesel and Austro Engine aircraft.  

Parts and spares 

Ensuring parts and components availability is fundamental to optimising fleet and aircraft performance. Stores provisioning and management is a core element of our engineering and maintenance services.

We supply certified parts and components for the aircraft types we maintain. Through our direct relationships with the manufacturers and distributors, we can quickly source genuine parts for non-stock items. 

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