Aircraft Operations

Using our fleet of efficient, flexible and modern aircraft, DEA Aviation delivers airborne solutions that meet our customers’ specific and diverse requirements. We deliver custom solutions using our specialised hardware, equipment and personnel that include:

• Intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR)
• Aerial survey
• Specialist commercial air transport
• Flight calibration and flight path validation.

We hold a UK Air Operators Certificate (AOC) and invest heavily in flexible flight platforms and technology. This strategy provides our customers with the most effective solution for their requirement at greatest value.   

Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaisance (ISR)

Equipped with a broad range of complex and powerful surveillance capabilities, our aircraft have the capabilities to gather high quality data to support a range of activities.

These include land and maritime patrol, border patrol and protection, migration monitoring and narcotics enforcement. 

Aerial Survey

Using complex sensor and image capture technologies, our aerial survey solutions gather data at the required fidelity for our customers to analyse and process.

Our capabilities support a range of customer activities, such as environmental surveys, mapping, orthographic surveys, surveying for flood defence and natural resources including oil and gas exploration.  

Specialist Commercial Air Transport

Our UK Air Operators Certificate (AOC) enables us to provide specialist commercial air transport for customers who have specific transport needs. Often these are urgent and highly specialist.

Customers rely on our solutions for business and VIP passenger transport, shipping Dangerous Goods (DG) and unusual cargoes, such as small medical packages. 

Flight Calibration and Flight Path Validation

Our crews and equipment are certified to carry out flight calibration and flight path validation worldwide under our UK AOC.

This enables airfield operators to maintain flight operations safely and compliantly.

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