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DEA Aviation Ltd (DEA) operates and maintains aircraft in accordance with approvals granted by the CAA and EASA. DEA provides services to a demanding set of customer requirements and to achieve these requirements it operates in accordance with a Quality Management System (QMS) which meets the requirements of AS9100. We strive to excel in the operation/maintenance of our products and generally require, where relevant, our suppliers to be as a minimum current ISO9001 certified.

DEA’s suppliers are an integral part of DEA’s product and service conformity, product safety and to ensure the adherence to the highest ethical standards throughout the supply chain.

As a minimum, our external providers and suppliers must:

a) Supply items or services in accordance with the relevant PO and other requirements, specifications, drawings/timelines as agreed.

b) Carry out such inspections as agreed with DEA and provide reports and certification indicated as part of Purchase Order or supplier documentation, as may be applicable.

c) Where applicable maintain a QMS or Quality Manual based on acceptable industry standards covering the scope of activities relevant to the issued purchase order.

d) Where applicable use external providers, including process sources (e.g. special processes), as designated by DEA or their customers.

e) Flow down to their own external providers any applicable standards, requirements and stipulations including those of DEA and its customers.

f) Notify DEA of any non-conforming product at the earliest practical opportunity and obtain DEA approval for nonconforming product disposition.

g) Notify DEA of changes in approval methods, product and/or process’, changes of external providers, changes to manufacturing equipment, facility or location and, where required, obtain DEA approval.

h) Be aware all incoming goods are liable to be inspected and tested by DEA for performance monitoring, approval of products/services and supplier approval ratings IAW AS9100.

i) Take reasonable steps to prevent the use of any counterfeit goods or the provision of any counterfeit work and their entry into the supply chain. Counterfeit means any part that is a copy or substitute without any legal right or authority to do so or a part that has material, performance or other characteristics which are misrepresented by the supplier or a part that has reached a life limit or is damaged beyond repair but is altered so that it is misrepresented as a conforming part.

j) Ensure all products or items provided to DEA are packaged and transported so as not to suffer any damage or degradation during transport and storage.

k) Exercise care to protect any equipment or property provided by or on behalf of DEA, or its customers, while it is in the control of either External Provider or those contracted on the external providers behalf.

l) Employ personnel qualified and recorded as competent on all processes involving supply to DEA.

m) Hold DEA Purchase Order records (including invoice, delivery note, order requirements, certificates, and internal production records) as specified in any contract or requirements documentation.

n) Grant relevant right of access for DEA, our customers and regulatory bodies to the applicable areas of all facilities, at any level of the supply chain and to all applicable records involved in the relevant order. This can include the provision of test specimens for design approval, inspection/verification, investigation or auditing.

o) Ensure that all personnel involved in activities carried out on behalf of DEA are aware of their contribution to product or service conformity, product safety and the importance of ethical behavior at all times.

p) DEA has a policy zero tolerance to unethical behavior in its supply chain. The supplier agrees that parts and any other services are not provided through any modern slavery or other unethical employment practices. The supplier also agrees that it has not provided parts or services through any provision of bribery, fraud or other corrupt practices (as such are defined in the UK anti bribery and corruption legislation).

Order acceptance or the issuing of invoice for payment is taken as a record of acceptance of these DEA Holdings External Provider Terms and Conditions.

Correspondence relating to any Purchase Order is to be directed to the requestor or procument@dea.aero.

Download External Provider Terms and Conditions