DEA’s technical systems team creates the soft and hard ability to quickly merge differing complex sensor technologies and technical standards to deliver industry leading operational flexibility and capability within competitive time and cost requirements. DEA remains at the forefront of technical capability as a provider of intelligence with real time data at the heart of our delivery.

Bespoke Software Engineering

Supported by in-house software engineers and technical expertise, DEA’s knowledge and experience combined with the company’s cultural agility and use of modern efficient delivery solutions provides the best innovative response to the most demanding requirements.


Live Mission Monitoring

The backbone of DEA’s platform is its monitoring and metrics processing capability which evaluates metrics from all aspects of our mission platform both in the air and on the ground in real time to provide a comprehensive systems health overview. This allows early warning notifications and the ability to analyse chains of events quickly leading our dedicated 24/7 on call engineers to the root cause.

Cloud and Mangaged Networks

DEA proprietary Cloud infrastructure is dedicated to each customer allowing for flexibility of requirements. This allows us to make use of cutting-edge technologies such as AI and data processing found in major cloud operators' toolchains built into a workflow around our customers data needs. DEA cloud architecture is designed with high availability and auditing in mind and adheres to PACE requirements. It is further designed to only activate resources when they are required, giving it green credentials and keeping the costs down for when mission aircraft are not flying.


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